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Online Fitness Program “Mach Dich Krass”

Germany’s largest tv & media outlet ProSiebenSat.1 successfully runs several online fitness programs. But they wanted more.

The Challenge

Germany’s largest tv & media outlet ProSiebenSat.1 Media SE runs several online fitness programs. “Mach Dich Krass” (MDK) is a 12 months weight loss and strength building online class offering workout videos, low carb recipes and cook videos. Users pay a monthly fee to access the content. The face of the program is national tv celebrity, Daniel Aminati.

To promote the program beyond tv commercials and online marketing as well as to open up new streams of revenue, ProSiebenSat.1 aimed to partner up with retail company ALDI to develop and launch a MDK fitness clothing line, along with a shorter, more budget friendly version of the online program that would feature the sportswear.

My Role

I was hired as executive lead to coordinate the collaboration with retail chain ALDI, develop and produce the sportswear, and promote it through tv commercials and online, to organize a large launch event in Cologne while also producing the shorter version of the program.

On one hand I worked with retail buyers to produce the sportswear in China in large numbers – there’s about 2.000 ALDI stores in Germany – on the other, I worked with fitness coaches and nutritionists to set up a shorter, but equally effective version of the online program. Once the first samples from China arrived, I organized the shoot of the shorter version, acting as a producer on set and in post-production.

I was in constant communications with ALDI’s marketing department to negotiate the terms of collaboration and organize a tv commercial shoot for the launch of the sportswear in one of their stores as well as the launch event in Cologne where 1.000 guests were invited to participate in a live work out with Daniel Aminati.

My Skills

Collaborating with international retailer ALDI, working with clothing retailers in China and producing online content and tv commercials in a rather short amount of time (6 months) meant a lot of project management and organizational work on my side, e.g.:

  • Designing and organizing the production of hundreds of thousands of sportswear items in China through retail buyers

  • Negotiating promotion for sportswear and program through ALDI’s powerful marketing outlets (newsletters, print, website, social media etc.) with ALDI’s marketing department

  • Organizing and producing videos for the shorter online program as well as a tv commercial shot in an empty ALDI store (meaning we only had one day for the shoot)

  • Organizing several photo shoots with the celebrity modeling the sportswear

  • Organizing a large fitness event (location scouting, producing event banners, catering, staff etc.)

  • Keeping an eye on/ re-negotiating budget for the whole ALDI collaboration with the CEO of ProSiebenSat.1’s online health department


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